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Leaky Gut and Chronic Disease

One of the most common causes of chronic health problems is disturbed micro-biome, the balance of flora and fauna living in your digestive tract. Learn about Leaky Gut, or Intestinal Dysbiosis, and what you can do about it.


Meet Our Founder

Are you getting poor results with chronic health challenges? Are you ready to stop "treating symptoms" and go after their causes instead? Meet Martin Pytela, whose own story will inspire you to follow the path less traveled, to build your own health through Root Cause Resolution.


Health Coach Approach

Donna Tennant, shares her experience with Life Enthusiast Health Coaching, Metabolic Typing and the path she took to address breast cancer and lose weight.


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Endoca – Get the Advantage

Get the Endoca Advantage Endoca is dedicated to research, development and production of the finest and purest quality, innovative CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil extracts, with a broad profile of Cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in hemp, and identifying their distinct…

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CBD Scientific References

CBD has been shown to help regulate the body’s endocannabinoid system, which works to stabilize many of the body’s systems—from gastrointestinal function to mood and emotional state. Type 1 Cannabinoid Receptor Ligands Display Functional Selectivity in a Cell Culture Model…

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Legal Status of CBD

Legal Status of CBD Many people are very confused about the status of hemp in USA. Some of it is a controlled substance, while industrial hemp is exempt of the control: Non-psychoactive hemp is not included in Schedule I of…

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Cannabinoids: Disease and Health Benefits

Cannabinoids: Disease and Health Benefits Cannabinoids Benefits

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