About Us

Remarkable Recovery is a sister website to Life Enthusiast – it offers our CBD products. We used to have them available on the main site until they were declared to be “unapproved medical device”, which is a code word for a natural product about which health claims are being made that are not supported by a “scientific study” and “FDA. We are not making such claims, but all the same, we are not allowed to have the products on the main site. If any other natural supplements we sell end up on that list, we will likely have to move them here also. The main difference between the two sites is that we are not allowed to advertise this one on the search engines.

We ship most of our orders from a warehouse in Blaine, Washington. We use US Mail services for most shipments.We offer a broad customer satisfaction guarantee. IF you are not happy with our service for whatever reason, call us, and we will try to remedy it. We promise to treat you the way we would like to be treated in a commercial transaction, and expect that you will return the favor.

Life Enthusiast itself was started in 1989 by Jevari Oberon, dedicated to developing the most advanced life-energy SuperFood formulas from natural whole foods. They were sold as Excela, and later as Exsula – and we sell these excellent products to this day.

In 2001 Life Enthusiast 2.0 was launched online with focus on products made by manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering quality above cost, customer service above bottom line, and passion for life above the numbers on a spreadsheet.

Martin Pytela, the founder of Life Enthusiast, CMTA – that’s Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor – offers his Health Coach services based on Metabolic Typing, a method that helps determine which foods and supplements will be most appropriate for you. You may already be aware that what heals one person may make another one worse …

We make it our business to help people reverse chronic degenerative conditions, the source of aging and pain that plague so many of us. Especially if you have been frustrated by the medical system and its symptom-oriented approach, you will find us to be refreshingly different. We believe that emergency room solutions so effective at saving a life are not appropriate as tools for preventing conditions associated with aging or with system-wide break-downs.

Chances are that either you or someone very close to you is suffering from a chronic condition that conventional medical treatments are not able to resolve. You may have even been told to get used to it – it’s part of aging or we can’t do anything about it.

We do not sell drugs. We sell food and nutritional supplements, and we offer nutritional education and coaching. We are not allowed to tell you that our products heal, prevent, or make better any specific medical condition because that would fit the legal definition of “a drug”. This means that we can sell you an apple on the basis of its color, flavor, or juiciness, but not because the malic acid it contains helps you dissolve your gall stones.