Hemp Extract Vape-Drip

Best Tasting and Fastest Acting
Price: $29.95
  • Fastest Effects from CBD
  • Resolve Pain from Inflammation
  • Balance Moods


  • Vape : 1oz/30ml (1000mg)
    HL-VDVG1000 In Stock
  • Vape : 1oz/30ml (1500mg)
    HL-VDVG1500 In Stock
  • Vape : 1oz/30ml (150mg)
    HL-VDVG150 In Stock
  • Vape : 1oz/30ml (300mg)
    HL-VDVG300 In Stock
  • Vape : 1oz/30ml (500mg)
    HL-VDVG500 In Stock
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Potent with Rapid Effects

Vaporized CBD bypasses your digestive system and diffuses directly into your bloodstream, for immediate effects.

Vaping gives you get all the benefits of CBD, with a much smaller amount and a shorter wait time.

Broad Spectrum, Synergistic Effects with Increased Potency

Get full effects from the whole hemp plant with hundreds of different hemp plant compounds, including phytocannabinoids, phytonutrients, terpenes, and a wide variety of cannabinoids including CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV and more.

Terpenes support CBD and other cannabinoids to produce maximum potency and effects.

Synergistic effects include increased potency by optimizing the therapeutic resources of the hemp plant: a healthy mind and body. Instant relief that lasts for hours.

About Vaping

Vaping is using a vaporizer – a convenient way to inhale CBD (cannabidiol).

1. Feel Effects Instantly

The effects of CBD – pain relief and mood balancing – are delivered faster than other methods. Your lungs absorb CBD in a matter of seconds for almost instant relief. Going through your stomach, CBD is first metabolized by your liver before entering your blood.

2. Smaller Doses and Better Dose Control

On average, patients said vaping requires smaller doses of CBD – smaller than other methods. Vaping also gives better control of the effects, because it’s easy to stop inhaling when the desired effect is reached.

3. Safer – Eliminates Harmful Toxins

Vaporizers work by heating CBD Oil to a temperature that is hot enough to evaporate the active ingredients, but cool enough to avoid combustion (burning). As a result, there is no exposure to the toxins that are found in smoke – healthier for your lungs.

Please note: vaporizers are sold separately.

Whole-Plant CBD Hemp Extract, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Polysorbate.

Active Ingredients: Hemp CBD oil (CO2)

Water Activity: <0.06

Directions for Use

Separation is natural – gently warm and shake well before using.

Can be taken orally, under your tongue, or in a vape device.

Take as much as you need to manage your symptoms.

Store in original container in a cool, dark place. Keep out of direct light and humidity.

Recommended Use

Reduce inflammation (pain, redness, swelling, heat) and neurological problems (moods, tremors, seizures).