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Hemp Oil Silver 300

Versatile Hemp Oil with CBD - Really Packs a Punch
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  • Pain-reducing and Mood Enhancing Hemp Oil with CBD
  • Versatile Delivery for Under Tongue or Vaporizer
  • Fast Acting

$59.99 $31.99

  • Drops : 0.5oz/15ml (300mg) Strawberry
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    $59.99 $31.99
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Under Tongue or Vaporizer

All the pain-reducing and mood-enhancing benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) in an oil that you can either put under your tongue, or use in a vaporizer.

Our CBD is GMP certified and regulated by the government in the Netherlands. The Hemp is grown in a pesticide-free greenhouse environment and is 100% organic. We literally searched the world to find the best CBD available, and we are confident that this is as good as it gets.

Hemp Oil Silver 300 – Regular
Flavorless makes it versatile – perfect by itself or add to your favorite flavors.

Hemp Oil Silver 300 – Blueberry
Flavorsome and refreshing, an absolute must-try. The blueberrires are grown in woods and mountain areas of North America.

Hemp Oil Silver 300 – CinnaMint
Fresh mint taste with a cool bite, and the hot zest of cinnamon.

Hemp Oil Silver 300 – Strawberry
Bursting with sweet delicious and tangy flavor, this might be your favorite.

About Vaping

Vaping is using a vaporizer – a convenient way to inhale CBD (cannabidiol).

1. Feel Effects Instantly

The effects of CBD – pain relief and mood balancing – are delivered faster than other methods. Your lungs absorb CBD in a matter of seconds for almost instant relief. Going through your stomach, CBD is first metabolized by your liver before entering your blood.

2. Smaller Doses and Better Dose Control

On average, patients said vaping requires smaller doses of CBD – smaller than other methods. Vaping also gives better control of the effects, because it’s easy to stop inhaling when the desired effect is reached.

3. Safer – Eliminates Harmful Toxins

Vaporizers work by heating CBD Oil to a temperature that is hot enough to evaporate the active ingredients, but cool enough to avoid combustion (burning). As a result, there is no exposure to the toxins that are found in smoke – healthier for your lungs.

Please note: vaporizers are sold separately.

Vegetable Glycerin, CBD-rich extract from organic hemp, natural flavor (not synthetic).

Directions for Use

Take 1-2 droppers full, twice daily, repeat as often as you like. In a vaporizer, take 2-3 drags for a typical dose.

Use it directly in the mouth (under the tongue and hold for a minute or more) or in a vaporizer.

Recommended Use

For instant calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, inhale or ingest this fast-acting Hemp Oil with CBD (cannabidiol). Helps to reduce spasms, seizures, twitches, and helps to reduce stress and to calm your mind.