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CV Sciences plusCBD Oil products are categorized by the type of oil used to make them:

1. Raw Formula (Red)

90% plant material and 10% phytocannabinoids

Contains the full spectrum of nutrients, CO2 extracted from certified European agricultural hemp aerial plant parts (grown above ground), including naturally occurring CBDA. CBDA is the acidic precursor to CBD and has many distinct beneficial properties. A true hemp superfood.

2. Total Plant Complex (Green)

85% plant material and 15% phytocannabinoids

A full spectrum hemp extract produced by taking the Raw Formula through a process called decarboxylation (gentle heating) to convert the CBDA to activated CBD that has distinct applications from raw CBDA. It is rich in many other phytocannabinoids (including CBG, CBN, CBC) and phytonutrients like plant sterols, terpenes, chlorophyll and naturally-occurring vitamin E.

3. Gold Formula (Gold).

75% plant material and 25% phytocannabinoids

Standardized similar to other herbal extracts, produced by distilling the Total Plant Complex in a solvent-free process, that increases the concentration of CBD, other phytocannabinoids, fatty acids, terpenes and naturally-occurring vitamin E. The fastest acting and most concentrated form of hemp CBD oil.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff